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Every business can benefit from experienced financial management. Financial mistakes can be costly, especially for businesses with limited resources!

But not every business can find or afford an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO). You may be an early-stage company, still building your management team (and trying to become profitable), or a more mature company, striving to reach your business objectives, but just too small to afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer.

CFO Plus' objective is to offer an affordable and flexible approach to your financial management needs. We begin each prospective engagement with an overall assessment of the client's financial management needs and categorize those needs into recurring and project-based tasks. Then we tailor our services to meet the identified needs and relevant tasks. Some services may be interchangeable depending on the client's particular situation.

Beyond simply operating as your CFO-for-rent, we offer our CFO As You Grow Program. This program is really the "plus" in CFO Plus: the measurement tools you need to reach your business objectives, with plenty of advance warning of potential pitfalls. We call it a dashboard for your business, a set of key performance indicators tailored to your business goals.

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Lastly, we know that every responsible business person looks at costs. Frankly, we think that the improvement in your business that can result from CFO Plus will more than outweigh the costs. But we also work hard with our clients to tailor a solution that works within your budget. For more information, see our description of fee arrangements.


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